Wander all night on the Mandolin Avenue
Under the hazy, dim streetlights
Carrying a bottle of liquor that usually
Brightens up there the stars
Beneath them we stood at the edge of the world,
Missing that passional feeling before
Both of us knew that we have to
Seal an open door

Remember the house and remember the dreams
Listen to all common hardrocking swings
Long story short we have lost our mind
By our misfortune
Now sitting myself all alone in the bar
Taking those bitter drinks one-by-one
They remind me I caused a broken heart
A so long torture

Passing the Memory Lane and the river shore
Summons a wonderful night time
There was a moment the made me think
I saw your face over the street sign
All along, moving on, felt on the road
And now I’m dizzy as noone before
I was a fugitive running away
As it was called for


Music & lyrics: Fekete-Szűcs Dániel