Jacky Wood


He was a foreign bastard
Nobody knew the rascal
Skilled to become a hustler
Anywhere in downtown
Never had any idol
Neither carried a bible
Just in case a rifle
Making all bargains done

Daily drinking at Murphy’s
Ready to settle a business
No trace, none of a witness
All of them under ground
Taking crack at the station
After robbing a mansion
That gives him satisfaction
Even his mates are gone

Nobody knows him well enough
The devil gave him all the stuff
To crash some church and paint the walls of shopping malls
Humiliated some crippled guys
Begging for money with hopeful eyes
When he’s not in town, oh God knows where he goes

Absolutely worthless and just freaks the people out
Why didn’t he end it up in his mother’s mouth?
He’s spitting on the street and simply wouldn’t share his food
For the system he did nothing good
And he was Jacky Wood

And when he met a lady
That bitch wanted a baby
He was not so crazy
Ran away from his hell
After having a bourbon
He doesn’t have any burden
Son of a nasty pagan:
Wanna get virgin girls

Mocking all gingers on the street
Money comes in by selling weed
After midnight throwing up inside the pub
Forever alone but he doesn’t care
A self-destructive punk rocker
A syringe can redeem mental arsenal


Music & lyrics: Fekete-Szűcs Dániel