Drunken Scallywag


Join me in the bar, I like the face of yours, have another round baby
I won’t be at home by three of four next to my girl, she is crazy
Oh my God, it’s you, you stalker bitch, don’t spill my whiskey shot
Cos you’re mad, I’m spent, fuck off darling, noone let you in

Whatever occurs,
it could have been worse
Kiss my demons

Say: Hey!
You may call me a drunken scallywag
Say: Hey!
But I never gonna be your toyboy moneybag
Live in a lie without me honey
Same as we started, ain’t it funny?
All of your faces made my melody
So never come back to hunt me down

Let’s hope the devil takes me!

Alright, heading out, though I feel dizzy, let me hold on your boobies
Cannot understand your yelling but why did you slap so hard my face
Oh dear, rather kiss me, don’t be mean and show me what you’ve got
It’s easy like a cigarette flick, at least in all my dreams


Music & lyrics: Fekete-Szűcs Dániel