We Plunder

I see some landlubbers afraid of the high seas
Let’s keep them in the cells and go for the booties

Tell me that you folks want to be scary rogues
And you reave and you cleave every foe
We are cursed by the slain, all the suffer and the pain
But we always wanna loot some more

It’s time to start a chase
Raise the jet-black sails

The preys of pirates have no saints, no heaven
They should prepare themselves to meet here the Satan

Crying out loud ‘We are gonna be God’
With the heart that is hard like a stone
In the fight have to choose: gotta win or gonna lose
But fueled by revenge they’ll reborn

We plunder the gold when the darkness devides
We recklessly hunt that keeps us alive
There’s no time to pray ’cause the dead will arise
Their hunger we just can’t survive


Music & lyrics: Fekete-Szűcs Dániel