The Darker Shade Of Red

On the edge of hunger forget faith, otherwise you’re going to lose
This land is emphy and there’s no redeemer left for these folks
Our only choice was the sea, that’s where once all of us did flee
To hide the past and be free

C’mon now, C’mon now, we won’t forget the sorrow
The fatal betrayal, our vessel was the savior

We are the darker shade of red, just known as treasure hunters
We are the smugglers of the sea, there’s more under the surface
We all had a different life until the Fate did sentence us to choose:
Be dead or be the wild outlaws, moved by the booze

Survive the warfare then we’ll talk if you have a single chance at all
By dawn the homeland will be burned down and the rebellion will fall
You better come and join us, friend, we know the truth and not pretend
That this is not yet the end

Hoist the flag mate when you see the shore of great Ireland
Light the fire, let it burn the sinful souls of the damned
They’re gonna bleed to death, for betraying us, hell’s waiting on them
Be courageous, time for vengeance, we will rule the ocean!


Music & lyrics: Fekete-Szűcs Dániel