Take The Wheel

Your mind is all about the dark harbor
where you find some peace for your restless soul
In the craze and flames every hero falls
and the sanity will be eaten by your ghosts

As the silence comes all around
and you can’t even hear a single heartbeat sound
Wake up, say your name (HEY!), say what you want
’cause the endless/gloomy loneliness is already on the hunt

After all forget the past that remained
The tidal waves are gonna wash away the tears
Fight the war and get rid of the burning hate
Don’t care about the cold dark rain

Like a damned castaway floating in vacuity
You are stuck between the devil and the deep blue sea
But learn how to fail because you still have the keel
Lift a sail now, go, take the wheel!

Even if today was full of wavering
Tomorrow’s gonna hand you a new chance to win
So have to keep calm ’cause the storm will be gone
And redemption comes along with the dawn