Son Of A Pirate

We heard a crying voice at the barrels in the bay
Next to him they found a whore’s cold body turning grey
We raised the kid, his father he wanted to find
And the black pirate ship set sail against the sky

He always beat the drums when we raided other ships
But the Royal Navy found us, did what only God forgives
They hit the decks and hit the masts, we couldn’t stop the foe
As they conquered the board and then killed every outlaw

Fire in your heart, the fire when you start
The march of the battle as we scoundrels fight it
Fire, we’re breaking through the fire, you only have to
Keep on beating ’cause you are the son of a pirate

The only one who’s left alive still drumming on the board
In front of him the admiral was standing with his sword
And he commanded one thing, the soldiers left the decks
One last salvo and the ship sank into the darkness

The pirate soul will live forever!