Monday Morning

Every weekend there’s a bunch of ordinary strangers
Who came from other countries hiding from their awful failures
They look for desire and they want to hear some kind words
Fill the cup, lift it up, cheers for all the gals!

Folks are hanging all around the houses with the red light
No way any local men could spend there only one night
And if you want to jump up the legendary joy ride
Roll the dice for the prize, what you waiting for?

I’ll be drunk from the start of the week
With the so-called ‘beer after sex’ technique
‘Cause when I’ll be done with the girl in the line
Just a glass full of beer makes me fine

Prowling on the streets after me came out from the whorehouse
There’re a lot more ladies who just need a naugthy hot fuss
And if they smile and ask me that ‘Sir, could you help us?’
I’m the man with the man, let the panties fly

Monday morning in the hurry everybody’s on the run
I’m the only one who’s truly gonna have some fun
An early threesome will be awesome with the nasty whores
There will be a busty redhead playing with my balls

Tired of the rules, whether they’re written or unwritten
Thanks I feel alive and need no lecture, no religion
Take it easy, this is not a deal with the devil
Simply had enough of everything, it doesn’t matter
You see me as the fella in the bar who’s drinking mead
But years ago I planned out what the hell I need
that’s a midget, a widget, and high life budget
With smokes and girls and tomorrow I will reach it

Music: Fekete-Szűcs Dániel, Mészáros Dominika
Lyrics: Fekete-Szűcs Dániel