Heroes Of Our Future

We’ve been throught the darkness, all those hard days
A song was the guidance, on these highways
It gave us the vibrance, flows in your veins
To hold on and stick together in storm as always
Ahoi, hear me, sailor, new sun rises
We got the order, conquer the high seas
No chance of failure, trust your mateys
Come, sing along all the hardfolk shanties!

The heroes of our future we count on
The heroes of our future we need
The heroes of our future we wait for
To raise our hands to the sky and find our way

Meet at the Beer Hole, downtown tavern
Open the backdoor, nightlife heaven
Find that you came for, pals and a maiden
We’re gonna play ’til you folks are ragin’
Take that you need now, booze and glory
Seek for the halo, until the morning
Here where you came to, fast like a whirlind
The time’s gonna stop for this insane evening!


Music & lyrics: Fekete-Szűcs Dániel