Heading To South

A young punk family came to the town: fat dad, mad mom and a teenager
Rum shots in the morning could be the part of the parents’ bad nature
Small downtown flat in the blocks where beer cans are the best feature
Well that’s a fucked up life but the misfit kid wanted more adventure

Donnie boy was a one track mind: no pain no gain but survival
At a point he thought ‘I just can’t stand this no-life denial’
‘Dad, Mom, you’re junkies! I gotta go!’ they told him ‘No!’
But he said ‘Don’t waste my time!’

Everything changed when he left the house
His mother had nobody to fight with for hours
His father coudn’t stand that he had nobody to rouse
In a van Donovan’s now heading to south

Hot sunshine, cool trip and a mixtape always kept him ambitious
Leaving the home and the parents counts as the first success
One thing he learnt that a true man never has to be anxious
Anywhere he moved, did not care about the low wages

He was a thief, he was a driver, even worked at a construction
Picking up young chicks on a Friday night became his obsession
When a homeless begged him ‘Give me a coin to drink some more’
Then he said ‘Don’t waste my time’


Music & lyrics: Fekete-Szűcs Dániel